European Project Semester

EPS spring2015The European Project Semester is a program offered by eighteen European universities in twelve countries throughout Europe (The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, France, Romania, Austria, United Kingdom and Finland). The EPS is offered to third year university/college students. EPS is created with engineering students in mind, but other students are also welcome.

Since its start in 1994, EPS has become a huge success. The EPS-program is crafted to address the design requirements of the degree and prepare engineering students with all the necessary skills to face the challenges of today's world economy. Classes are offered to students in a cohort format; that is students participating in EPS meet together as a group each day to build their engineering skills in class and then meet in teams of 2-10 students to work on their dedicated projects. International student teams work on interdisciplinary projects with commercial businesses and industries, selected to match the students' specializations and capabilities as well as to develop their inter-cultural communication and teamwork skills.

SPRING SEMESTER 2018: An EPS project will be arranged in the spring 2018. Application deadline: 1 November. We welcome your application.

AUTUMN SEMESTER 2017: Three EPS projects will be arranged in the autumn 2017.

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Here are, as an example, the "calendar" for the 4 first weeks during Spring Semester 2012 in Vasa, the final length and content of the courses is depending on the project. In addition there will be some free-choice courses offered to the project groups.

Christian Hällund, who studied one European project semester says; To study and participate in EPS has been a very positive experience. I got to know a lot of new people from all over the world, and at the same time I completed some very interesting and useful study subjects. Therefore the EPS is something I strongly recommend to other students as well.

Christian Hällund is now working for Wartsila. The time he spent on the EPS-program gave him a lot and also the required experience to encourage him to apply to Wartsila.

Sebastian Jern, who studied one European project semester in Norway states; ” It was a great time , with lots of good memories and some friendships for life. The studies gave among other thing a good insight in how economic factors influence the project work. I have recommended this to every one I have met after returning to Vasa to finalize my studies. ”

Sebastian Jern , is now working for Wartsila in Oslo. He appreciates very much the possibility to still keep in touch with all those he got to know during the EPS-semester. Due to the experience of living and study in Norway it lowered the threshold to move to Norway to live there.

Please contact Roger Nylund at Novia for further information: roger.nylund(at)