European Project Semester

EPS spring2015The European Project Semester is a program offered by nineteen European universities in thirteen countries throughout Europe (Finland, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, France, Romania, Austria, United Kingdom and Scotland). The EPS is offered to third year university/college students. EPS is created with engineering students in mind, but other students are also welcome.

Since its start in 1994, EPS has become a huge success. The EPS-program is crafted to address the design requirements of the degree and prepare engineering students with all the necessary skills to face the challenges of today's world economy. Classes are offered to students in a cohort format; that is students participating in EPS meet together as a group each day to build their engineering skills in class and then meet in teams of 2-10 students to work on their dedicated projects. International student teams work on interdisciplinary projects with commercial businesses and industries, selected to match the students' specializations and capabilities as well as to develop their inter-cultural communication and teamwork skills.

SPRING SEMESTER 2021: EPS projects in progress.

AUTUMN SEMESTER 2021: EPS projects will be arranged in the autumn 2021. Application deadline: May 1st. We welcome your application!

Course book for EPS autumn semester.

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Euan Slevin, who studied one European project semester says;

“I have found it very rewarding and feel I have gained a lot from the experience. I have much more experience working in a team of engineers of different disciplines and how to manage a team with different work ethics.”




Ana María Pérez Torres, who studied one European project semester at Novia UAS says;

“The experience has been super positive; The courses have been very interesting, as well as the usefulness they may have in a future work. Doing such a big project is something that is not usually done in the university, and less in a multicultural team, where you have to adapt to the way of working of people who used to be completely different from yours. A 100% recommendable experience!”

CorinnevandenBrink webb

Corinne van den Brink, who is our 200th incoming EPS-student says;

"I think EPS is a great concept, you learn a lot about working in a project group and other people’s way of working, and of course about the project itself. I can definitely recommend EPS for other students!"
Read the whole interview with Corinne here.



Please contact Roger Nylund at Novia for further information: roger.nylund(at)